ASTH Scientific and Education trust

The ASTH Science and Education Trust is of our longheld objective of supporting developing careers in coagulation science. Colin Chesterman for the ISTH 2005 Congress organising company offered ASTH a part share of the 2005 meeting surplus. A sum of just over A$207,000 was received by the Society for the purpose of Education and Research. The agreed conditions for use of this resource wasthat the Society established a minimum of 80% as a Science and Education Trust, whereby the body of the resource is invested in perpertuity, and grants conferred from investment returns. Grants will be used to encourgae and support young investigators to choose a career in the field of Haemostasis and Thrombosis. 20% of the initial amount could be utilised for general running of the Society. A$20,000 was also donated to the Asian Pacific Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.


The Scientific and Education Trust is managed by four Trustees, comprising of three financial members of the ASTH, appointed by the ASTH Council, with the current President of the ASTH as an ex - officio (non - voting) Trustee. In the first instance the three ASTH Trustees will comprise of the ISTH 2005 Local Organising Committee, namely Dr Timothy Brighton, Dr Chris Ward and Prof Neville Marsh.


The ASTH Council plans to build on the corpus amount over time as funds permit. Trustees will meet quarterly to decide on when grants will be awarded. Members shoulod contact the ASTH office if they wish to apply.

While the current funding round is open you may downlaod an application form here